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Workshop led by Glenn Llopis, former C-suite executive,
best-selling author and contributing writer to Entrepreneur,
Forbes and Harvard Business Review.
18000 Von Karman Avenue
Irvine, CA 92612
March 15-16, 2017
About the workshop
Companies and their leaders need a new strategy for success, because without that strategy, change is merely substitution not evolution. Simply put, the old ways of doing business don’t apply any more. Business today is becoming less about the business defining the individual and more about the individual defining the business.
Only 20 percent of the workplace and corporate values that matter most to Hispanics are represented, authentically applied, and lived in most companies. But then again, whose values are—whether they are Hispanic or not. We must convert today’s melting pot into a mosaic and find like-mindedness through our differences. Diversity of thought must touch our businesses and leaders every day and serve as their competitive advantage to stimulate growth, elevate talent potential, and generate
opportunities previously unseen.
What we need is a new mindset. We call this mindset the innovation mentality. The six strategies of the innovation mentality go beyond diversity: They are about the power of diverse thinking to create inclusive 21st century leadership and a new mindset – a paradigm shift to what we have lost and need to regain in business and in life for renewal and reinvention.
Six strategies to sustain high-performance
To operationalize the innovation mentality, 21st century leaders must
embrace the following six strategies as shared values to sustain
high-performance and competitive advantage:
Four skills to achieve opportunity mastery
Through those six strategies of the innovation mentality, participants will achieve a balanced
proficiency of four skills of opportunity management to elevate performance and productivity and
better compete for talent and customers in today’s fiercely competitive, fast-moving global
workplaces and marketplaces:
1. Seeing Opportunities:
Broaden your observation beyond the obvious to seize new opportunities and avoid being blindsided
2. Sowing Opportunities:
Match good vision with consistent, hands-on, execution every day.
3. Growing Opportunities:
Recognize the most promising opportunities and give them the right amount of strategic focus.
4. Sharing Opportunities:
Make generosity part of your purpose by focusing on meeting others’ needs to elevate their advancement and multiply the organization’s momentum and growth.

Workshop Outcomes
The innovation mentality workshop learning experience combines real-world workplace scenarios to test and improve each participant’s ability to be their most authentic selves as leaders and to solve for and seize the most promising opportunity gaps. At the end of the program, each participant presents their personal brand value proposition and understands their leadership identity.

The overarching goal is to create a strict discipline and learning around the application of the innovation mentality and how the six strategies guide and develop participants’ abilities to influence the evolution of their businesses through:
"Glenn’s two-day leadership workshop was the most profound, thought-provoking and insightful professional development experience of my career."

Wendy Hernandez - Vice President, Home Depot
"Attending the leadership program was one of the most transformational experiences in my career. This program is about being a true evolutionary leader that will drive success for both my company and for myself personally. "

Andy Aubut SDM Trade Strategy & Planning - General Mills
"Tremendously enlightening workshop! Incredible experience. I learned more in this two-day program than the Harvard Business School Executive program. "

Jesse Thompson - District Manager, Walmart
The Book
Launch Date: February 14, 2017

As part of the required pre-workshop materials participants will be sent a copy Mr. Llopis’ new book of The Innovation Mentality upon completion of registration.

Click here for more information about The Innovation Mentality and the research findings and case studies that were the impetus for the workshop.
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